Defense attempts to argue that Hunter Biden's cash withdrawals weren't tied to alleged crimes

The defense team attempted to throw cold water on the prosecution's suggestion that Hunter Biden's cash withdrawals were tied to alleged crimes, such as the drugs and gun purchase.

While questioning FBI special agent Erika Jensen under cross-examination, defense attorney Abbe Lowell went back to the bank records and transactions of the government that were introduced yesterday.

Lowell suggested that some of the cash from the withdrawals Jensen tried to link to the October 2018 gun purchase were spent by Biden on rehab, rent, and tuition for his daughter. He insisted the money was withdrawn for lots of reasons.

Lowell then returned to the ATF form about the gun purchase at the center of the case. They went through the handwriting on the form, noticing distinctions. Lowell asked Jensen if she was actually there observing who actually checked the boxes, etc. She responded she wasn't. Jensen also made clear said that she is not handwriting expert.

One notable distinction was that there were slashes on the zeros in some parts of the form but not other parts Biden would have filled out.

Jensen previously testified that Biden withdrew cash on October 12, 2018, to pay for the gun.

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