Hunter Biden's attorney questions FBI agent on evidence of drug use around time of gun purchase

Hunter Biden's attorney Abe Lowell began his cross-examination of FBI agent Erika Jensen by going back to Hunter Biden's memoir, "Beautiful Things".

Lowell asked Jensen about how she noted the drug binges that he talked about in chapter 7, 8 and nine from his period in 2016 to 2019 and how she noted every instance of a drug binge during this period

Lowell then asked if she noted in the book of a similar drug binge when he returned it to the East Coast in the fall of 2018 something a kin to needing to be on crack, or searching for drugs constantly. This was during the time of gun purchase.

FBI agent Jensen says she couldn't recall any similar binges that she noted in the book during this time period.

Lowell then went to proceed to go through the bank records that the government introduced yesterday as exhibits

In particular, he noted during the month of October 2018, that Hunter made eight purchases at liquor stores or alcohol related grocery stores during that time. Lowell seems to be trying to indicate that Hunter Biden was using alcohol at the time when the decision to purchase the gun was made.

Lowell noted on Tuesday that the gun application form Biden is accused of lying on had a section to declare addiction to drugs, but not alcohol.Jill Biden is in court wearing her bright pink suit is sitting right behind Hunter. Hunter's current wife, Melissa Cohen is sitting to her right.

Hunter has a similar demeanor as he had yesterday. He goes switches between looking the screen in front of him to looking at Lowell, who is questioning the witness, to staring straight ahead.

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