Defense attorney grills Cohen on negative statements about Trump, lawyers

Defense attorney Todd Blanche grilled Michael Cohen, ex-lawyer for former President Donald Trump, about negative statements he's made online and to news media about Trump and his lawyers.

Blanche, leading the cross-examination, asked Cohen if he once called Blanche a "crying little b----" on Tik Tok. Cohen replied that it "“sounds like something [he] would say."

On April 23, Cohen referred to Trump as a “dictator douche bag.” Cohen recalls saying that trump “belongs in a cage like a f------ animal” also on April 23.

Blanche asked if the the District Attorney's office has reportedly asked Cohen to stop publicly commenting about this case. Cohen says, “yes.”

Cohen says that when the DA’s office says “probably better off if you don’t speak about it” they say it in a matter that’s asking him not to speak. Cohen says that they asked him not to speak to the press less than 5 times. 

Over the course of the investigation and case, Cohen made more than 20 television appearances. He has recorded hundreds of podcast episodes – 4 total episodes a week all year long – since the investigation for this trial has started. Cohen agrees that Trump has been mentioned in every podcast.

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