Michael Cohen faces cross-examination, prosecution tells judge he is their final witness

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's prosecution team informed Judge Juan Merchan Tuesday that Michael Cohen will be the prosecution's last witness, just before he took the stand for cross-examination

The disclosure from prosecutor Joshua Steinglass occurred during a sidebar conversation that was out of earshot of reporters but recorded in the official court transcript.

Cohen, the ex-lawyer for former President Donald Trump, took the witness stand again Tuesday afternoon for the 17th day of the unprecedented case N.Y. v. Trump.

Defense attorney Todd Blanche is leading the cross-examination. His first question out of the gate was asking Cohen if he called Blanche a "crying little b----" on Tik Tok. Cohen replied that it "“sounds like something [he] would say."

Blanche continued to press Cohen about his derogatory comments about the defense team, Trump and other aspects of the case.

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