Graphic images show devastation in Rafah after Israeli airstrikes

Graphic images from Gaza illustrate the toll airstrikes are taking on the city of Rafah, now home to more than half of the enclave's population.

Israeli airstrikes killed at least 94 people overnight Monday, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. The Israel Defense Forces said it launched a mission against Hamas to extract two hostages, which was successful.

Two of the videos, which CNN obtained from social media groups used by Palestinian journalists, show hospitals in southern Gaza. One video shows a young boy hanging lifelessly from the side of a structure. Several men are trying to bring his body down.

A second image shows another boy, who appears to be a young teen, lying on a bed and clinging to a shroud-wrapped body. According to Gaza journalists, it's the body of his mother in the hospital mortuary.  The woman's name is written on her shroud: Ghada Ahmad Yousef Abu al-Hanoud. Her name appears on a list of 74 victims identified and issued death certificates by the Abu Yousef Al-Najjar government hospital in Rafah.

In a third clip, a young girl wipes her eyes and cries but gathers herself to describe what she experienced, "I was going to the bathroom and the strikes were ongoing suddenly I found the fire in our house...(inaudible)...then I went to the bathroom and all the walls collapsed on me," the girl said.

Another video shows a woman holding a dead infant baby covered in a shroud. A young girl sits next to her with a pained expression. The woman says:

"What do I do with the baby, tell me what to do, leave him?" She hugs the lifeless body of the child. CNN cannot independently verify when this video was filmed

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