Israeli military releases footage apparently showing the moment hostages were rescued in Rafah

The Israeli military has released a pair of videos of what it says shows the moments two hostages were rescued from Rafah in an early morning raid Monday.

One video primarily shows aerial footage in black and white thermal imaging. It starts with a group of people walking through the street, with the voice of an unknown person saying, "The hostages are in our hands," according to the English translation on screen.

It then appears to show an exchange of gunfire during the rescue.

Moments later, a convoy of vehicles is seen moving along a road, with someone declaring, "The forces have started to move along the route. The forces are on their way. The forces are on their way."

The video ends with more aerial footage showing a helicopter taking off as one voice is heard saying, "They’re good and healthy," and another voice responds: "Good. Keep going. We’re accompanying you."

The second video was shot with the cameras of Shayetet 13 soldiers, and shows the troops meeting with the hostages for the first time inside a vehicle before boarding a helicopter to Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The troops are seen chatting with both hostages, comforting them, and offering water and blankets.One soldier asks, "How are you feeling?"

"Shocked, shocked, all right," one of the hostages responds, according to the English translation on screen

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