US calls on Israel to urgently investigate the death of 5-year-old Palestinian Hind Rajab

The US has called on the Israeli government to investigate the death of 5-year-old Palestinian girl Hind Rajab, State Department spokesperson Matt Miller said on Monday

"We have asked the Israeli authorities to investigate this incident on an urgent basis. We understand that they're doing so. We expect to see those results on a timely fashion and they should include accountability measures as appropriate," Miller said.

Rajab was found dead this weekend after being trapped in a car for Gaza City with members of her family who were reportedly shot to death by Israeli forces weeks ago.

Rescue workers dispatched to find her were also reportedly shot and killed. 

"We are devastated about reports of the death of Hind Rajab. I will tell you that I have a little girl that's about to turn six myself, and so it's just a devastating account, a heartbreaking account for this child," Miller said. 

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