Ohio Democrat says he is moving 'closer and closer' to calling on Biden to withdraw from 2024 race

Fearful that a second Trump presidency would "upend our lives," Rep. Greg Landsman, D-Ohio., said he is moving closer to calling on President Biden to step aside from the 2024 election. 

"I'm getting closer and closer to—appreciating that as much as I respect Joe Biden and what he's done—that, what Clooney said yesterday was really powerful and that he saved democracy in 2020. He's got to do it again in 2024," said Landsman, referencing Hollywood actor George Clooney's New York Times op-ed that called on Biden to withdraw.

"I had hoped, and still do to some extent, that he can go out and make the case that Donald Trump is unfit to be president, that he is going to undermine, if not destroy our democracy. But that's becoming more and more less likely." 

Landsman said Biden did not help his case by attacking Democratic critics of his debate performance and poor polling against former President Trump. He also said he would like to see either Vice President Kamala Harris take over as the Democratic nominee or an open convention in August. 

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