Liberal celebs rally behind George Clooney's call for Biden to step aside

Liberal celebrities in Hollywood are showing solidarity with their fellow A-lister George Clooney following his scathing essay calling for President Biden to withdraw from the 2024 race.

"I think it’s a valid point," Michael Douglas reacted to Clooney's essay on Wednesday's installment of "The View." 

"I’m deeply, deeply concerned. I mean, especially- it’s difficult because the Democrats have a big bench. They’ve got a lot of heavy hitters," Douglas said before suggesting Biden was ill-advised ahead of last month's presidential debate. 

Filmmaker and actor Rob Reiner said, "My friend George Clooney has clearly expressed what many of us have been saying."

"We love and respect Joe Biden. We acknowledge all he has done for our country. But Democracy is facing an existential threat," the "All in the Family" star wrote on X. "We need someone younger to fight back. Joe Biden must step aside."

Actress Mia Farrow similarly warned it's "time to pass the torch Or we will lose the Senate, the House and our Democracy."

"Ill vote for Joe if he declines to step down. Of course. But he is losing," Farrow said. "We cannot EVER give our country to Trump." 

"Clooney describes Biden as not being the person he once knew, but as he was during the debate. They were together 3 weeks ago. So it wasn’t just that one night," Farrow continued. "I care deeply about our democracy I hope he names another talented Democrat who will carry forward Joe Biden’s great accomplishments - and win."

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