New York Times unleashes a flurry of anti-Biden columns urging him to step down

Several New York Times writers have come out urging President Biden to drop out of the 2024 race since the debate.

Alhtough the Time’s editorial board already called on Biden to "leave the race" shortly after his first presidential debate with Donald Trump, other writers recently offered their own calls for Biden to be replaced.

Liberal Times columnist Thomas Friedman topped NYT’s opinion page on Tuesday with his latest piece, "President Biden: Teach Them How to Say Goodbye." In the article, he suggested Biden step down because it is "what Trump fears most right now."

"He fears that Biden will demonstrate the difference between a leader and a party who put the country first and a leader and a party who put themselves first, namely Trump and the Republicans who enable him despite knowing how many of Trump’s former advisers say he is unfit for office, despite knowing that Trump tried to overturn the last election, despite knowing that Trump has articulated no real plan for the country’s future other than ‘retribution’ against all who crossed him and his followers," Friedman wrote.

Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who said Biden was "too old" to run again in 2022, called on the Democratic Party to at least consider the idea of replacing Biden instead of "resigning ourselves to our current disastrous trajectory."

"Finding a Biden alternative would be risky and messy, and there’s no guarantee that it would work better than trying to put on a brave face and drag the current president across the finish line. But the Democratic Party’s leaders — the people, let’s remember, who got us into this mess — have no right to condescend to those trying to find a way out," Goldberg wrote.

Fellow Times columnist Pamela Paul implored Biden to step out of the race as a moral decision since he is "no longer the man" to stop Trump.

"Almost everyone agrees that, above all, Biden is a good man. But in refusing to do the right thing and drop out of this race in favor of an open contest, he is not being a good man right now," Paul wrote.

She added, "Give us the opportunity to thank you for your service and bid you goodbye while you still stand on high ground."

The New York Times editorial board was notably one of the earliest high-profile publications to call for Biden to drop out, claiming that continuing his bid would be a "reckless gamble."

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