Harris outperforms Biden in 2024 showdown with Trump: poll

A new national poll indicates that three-quarters of voters say the Democratic Party would have a better chance of keeping the White House with someone else other than President Biden at the top of the party's ticket.

And the survey, released Tuesday by CNN, suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris performs slightly better than Biden in a matchup with former President Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

The new poll was conducted entirely after Biden's extremely rough performance during last Thursday's face-to-face showdown between the two major party contenders.

According to the poll, 75% of voters and 56% of Democratic-aligned voters say the Democratic Party would have a better shot at keeping control of the presidency if Biden is replaced as the party's standard-bearer.

By comparison, 60% of voters and 83% of Republican-aligned voters questioned said the GOP has a better chance of winning the presidential election with Trump as the nominee than with someone else.

Trump holds a six-point – 49%-43% – lead over Biden among registered voters nationwide, which is unchanged from CNN's previous poll in April. And it's consistent with Trump's lead in CNN polling dating back to last autumn.

But the vice president trails Trump by just two points – 47%-45% – in a hypothetical matchup, according to the poll.

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