James Carville calls on Biden to step down after ‘everyone saw what they saw’ at debate

Veteran Democratic Party strategist James Carville called for President Biden to step down and allow another Democrat to take his place in the 2024 election.

Biden’s performance in Thursday’s presidential debate sparked yet another national conversation about his ability to serve. Many of his staunchest supporters among the media and the Democratic Party have since called for him to step down in order to prevent a victory by former President Trump.

Carville told CNN host Jake Tapper on Monday that 72% of voters in America "want something different" and that the real question is "if the Democratic Party can‘t produce something different that 72% people want, then why do we exist? What are we here for? The country is clamoring for change!"

He went on to say, "Everybody saw what they saw Thursday night. I don‘t take any pleasure in this," noting that he himself will be 80 in October, and old age isn’t something that can be fought.

When asked what the Democratic Party actually should do, Carville suggested, "something different" and that some amount of upheaval would be unavoidable.

"I don’t know, it‘ll be messy. It’ll be a mess, and you know, that‘s what change is," he said, "But if the Democratic Party is so committed to the status quo, and so committed to sticking with something that three quarters of the country doesn‘t want, then we have to say, ‘Why do we exist?’"

"I really like President Biden, but man, the country wants something new, let them have it," he said.

Carville then derided people making excuses for why Biden performed poorly in the debate, "arguing whether he had a bad night or a cold or the staff overworked him or all of the utter nonsense that we’re hearing."

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