Biden donors back 'Plan B', say 'it's Armageddon' after debate: reports

Donors supporting President Biden’s re-election bid reportedly are now backing a "Plan B" and are describing the situation as "Armageddon" following the 81-year-old's widely panned debate performance against former President Trump last week. 

The development comes as Biden’s campaign announced that it has raised $264 million over the last three months, including at least $27 million since last Thursday's debate. But behind the scenes, donors are spooked over the way Biden handled himself onstage, reports say. 

"Unless he shakes up the campaign and shows leadership, it’s going to be a really, really tough time with money," said one Democrat, identified by The Washington Post as a top fundraiser. 

The source added that "it’s Armageddon" now among Biden donors and "people have got to see changes." 

The newspaper reports that another major supporter who has given to Biden created a Google Docs poll following the debate to question other donors about where they stand. 

That person said of the 65 donors who responded, around 74% supported the option of "we need a Plan B" -- which includes consideration of new Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates – while 15% said they stood behind Biden and 11% were undecided, according to The Washington Post. 

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