Why is Trump hopeful in removing Jack Smith from the classified docs trial?

The judge overseeing the trial, U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, is considering motions to dismiss the case against former President Trump, in which he is alleged to have mishandled classified documents.

In a hearing on Friday, she will hear arguments regarding the legality and validity of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s appointment to the classified documents investigation by Attorney General Merrick Garland in 2022. Cannon is notably allowing legal experts to weigh in via Amicus briefs.

According to former Attorney General Ed Meese, who served under former President Reagan, Smith’s status as a private citizen at the time of the appointment left him without “the authority of the federal government.”

The brief went on to say, "Improperly appointed, [Smith] has no more authority to represent the United States in this Court than Bryce Harper, Taylor Swift, or Jeff Bezos.” Cannon was initially appointed to her post by Trump during his presidency, prompting some critics to claim she is operating in his favor and cannot act impartially. 

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