Trump faces yet another gag order as he returns to court for classified documents case

Former President Trump’s legal team is back in court on Monday after a Friday hearing in which both sides argued the legality of Special Counsel Jack Smith's appointment in the classified document case against the former president.

The hearing continues Monday when the two sides again discuss matters related to Smith’s appointment as well as a limited gag order that prosecutors have requested to bar Trump from comments they fear could endanger the safety of FBI agents and other law enforcement officials involved in the case.

Trump’s lawyers have said any speech restrictions would infringe on his free speech rights. Cannon initially rejected the prosecution’s request on technical grounds, saying Smith’s team had not sufficiently conferred with defense lawyers before seeking the restrictions. Prosecutors subsequently renewed the request.

Bove mentioned the term "shadow government" while describing a situation in which inferior officers, unconfirmed by the Senate, are put in power.

"These are the risks we are running," he said.

Prosecutors said there was nothing improper or unusual about Smith’s appointment, with James Pearce, a member of Smith’s team, at one point saying, "We are in compliance. We have complied with all of the department’s policies."

Cannon did not make a decision on Friday and is expected to issue a written order on the matter in the coming days.

This is an excerpt from an article by Fox News' Andrew Mark Miller

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