Tom Cotton Rips Pro-Hamas Voices Complaining About Terrorists Killed During Israeli Rescue Operation

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed pro-Hamas voices that have been complaining that terrorists were killed during Israel’s raid in Gaza over the weekend, saying that hopefully they’ll learn their lesson and not kidnap people from their homes and hold them hostage.

Cotton made the remarks during a “Fox News Sunday” interview with Shannon Bream while talking about Israel’s secret military operation on Saturday that resulted in 4 Israeli hostages being rescued from Hamas.

“What a wonderful day for the people of Israel to have four of these hostages rescued in a truly heroic, well-executed mission,” he said. “I’m very dismayed by sources from the progressive left here in America, to include The New York Times and Washington Post, for somehow condemning Israel for saving four hostages at the cost of supposedly more than 200 Palestinians.”

“Now we can’t take at face value what Hamas says through the supposed Gaza Ministry of Health, but my advice to them would be, if you don’t want your people killed in hostage rescue missions, then you shouldn’t take hostages in the first place,” he continued. “You should release them once you have and you certainly shouldn’t hide them in civilian areas. So hats off to the Israeli security forces for a fantastic day in rescuing these four hostages.”

Cotton said that the U.S. Military and Intelligence Community should be working “hand-in-glove” with the Israelis to get all of the hostages, including several Americans, rescued from their Hamas captors.

“Our military has several units that are specifically trained in hostage rescue,” he said. “They always have to be available and ready to rescue American citizens wherever they may be. Those are our responsibilities, not Israel’s, or any other nations. That said, the Israeli Defense Forces and security forces have the expertise operating in Gaza and working with the American government and specifically our intelligence services as well.”

“I’m confident that if Israel’s government had a chance to rescue American citizens, they would do the exact same for our citizens that they would do for Israel,” he continued. “But our hostage rescue teams always have to be available. We simply wouldn’t want to have any kind of conflict with Israel’s hostage rescue teams. We want to work with them, hand-in-glove to make sure every hostage gets back alive.”

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