Abbott: All Biden’s Order Does Is ‘Attract And Invite Even More People To Cross The Border Illegally’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) said during an interview over the weekend that President Joe Biden’s weak executive order to secure the U.S. southern border makes the problem even worse and that it solves nothing.

Abbott made the remarks during a Sunday interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” when asked about the controversial executive order.

“As long as the Biden administration refuses to provide any type of enforcement, any type of blockage of people crossing illegally, all that this new Biden policy is going to do is to actually attract and invite even more people to cross the border illegally,” he said.

“There’s no slowing down of people crossing the border,” he continued. “In fact, it’s just accelerating. This is gaslighting our fellow Americans. When Biden gets up and says, ‘This is going to stop people from coming across the border,’ when he says, ‘It’s going to secure the border,’ in fact, it is making illegal border crossings worse.”

Abbott said that the order does not do “anything to actually secure the border — in fact, it’s the opposite, because he’s actually authorizing more people to cross the border illegally.”

“When you get to that 2,500 number of people crossing the border a day that he says he will allow, but only then stop the asylum process — when he stops the asylum process, there’s nothing that Biden is doing that actually is preventing anybody else from crossing the border,” he added. “There’s no type of enforcement mechanism in place.”

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