UF president tells anti-Israel protesters they aren't entitled to 'take over the whole university'

University of Florida President Ben Sasse spoke out against the ongoing anti-Israel protests erupting across college campuses all over the country.

Thousands have been arrested this graduation season due to ongoing anti-Israel protests and encampments, some of which have canceled commencement ceremonies altogether.

On CNN’s "State of the Union," Sasse said, "We have time, place and manner restrictions, and you don’t get to take over the whole university. People don’t get to spit at cops. You don’t get to barricade yourselves in buildings. You don’t get to disrupt somebody else’s commencement."

"What we tell all of our students, protesters, is there are two things we’re going to affirm over and over again: We will always defend your right to free speech and free assembly," the former Nebraska senator continued.

A dozen people have been arrested across three different college campuses in the sunshine state for anti-Israel protests, while nine were arrested at the University of Florida last Monday alone.

"I ran by our group of protesters waving their Palestinian flag; we protect their right to do that. But we have rules. And one of those rules is we don’t allow camping on campus," the university president added. "It’s to help them get into compliance with the rules. They can protest. They can try to persuade people, but they don’t get [to] build a camp. Nobody else does either."

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