Anti-Israel agitators in NYC shout down man waving Israeli flag: ‘Shame on you!’

A crowd of anti-Israel protesters waving Palestinian flags on the Upper East Side were filmed shouting down a lone dissenter proudly waving an Israeli flag.

A man who was one of the few visibly Jewish people in the crowd pointed and shouted at the protester, prompting the others to start in with chants of: "Shame!"

"Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!" the crowd chanted.

The lone dissenter appeared unfazed as he continued to wave a small Israeli flag.

As the chanting continued, a woman from the crowd accosts the man, nearly covering him with a Palestinian flag. Another person from the crowd grabs his flag as they push him away, eliciting cheers from the other participants. 

The scene happened down the road from the Met Gala where at least 100 anti-Israel agitators were marching near the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The protesters were heard chanting anti-Israel slogans, calling for an "intifada" and taunting police officers.

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