Trey Gowdy inside the court: Judge Merchan's words to the jury could offer clues

Judges usually tell the jury "I have no opinion on the merits of this case.  To the extent I have said or done anything to suggest otherwise, you should disregard that.  Simply put, I have no interest in your verdict."

Many judges include that in their standard instructions.  We shall see if this one does although it will hardly be convincing after some of his rulings.

We will be listening for any adverse/uncalled witness instructions.  In other words, is there any inference to be drawn from the fact that the prosecution (which has the burden of proof) did not call certain witnesses. Is that inference obviated by the fact the defense put up a defense case and also did not call those witnesses? How in depth will the judge go into the elements of the so-called other "crimes"?  Does the state have to prove each element of the additional crime?  How will the jury know if its a crime if they don't know the elements? 

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