Comedian Torches AOC For Attacking Israel After Country Defended Itself From Terror Attack

 Comedian Michael Rapaport slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) this week after the far-Left politician attacked Israel after the country defended itself from rocket attacks originating from inside Rafah.

“The IDF’s attack on a tent camp of innocents in Rafah is an indefensible atrocity,” AOC claimed after the IDF responded to Hamas firing eight rockets into Israel over the weekend. “This was done in open defiance of @POTUS’s red line and the ICJ’s call for a ceasefire. It is long past time for the President to live up to his word and suspend military aid.”

Rapaport responded to AOC’s remarks in a video posted to X: “Today, this morning, Hamas from Rafah, you know #AllEyesOnRafah, from Rafa — Hamas, those s***ting pedophiliac, necrophiliac, arsonist, kidnapping creep c***suckers — shot rockets into Tel Aviv.”

Rapaport noted that the Iron Dome shot down the rockets: “Fortunately, Baruch Hashem, the Iron Dome, Iron Dome, like the Dikembe Mutombo, ‘No, no, no.'”

“But let’s not forget when AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — you know Alexandria with the good hair, you know Alexandria from the Bronx — remember when she cried those ‘Days of Our Lives’ tears,” he continued. “Remember when she cried when funding for the Iron Dome went through? Let’s not forget, here’s a clip.”

Rapport showed the clip of AOC wearing a mask on the House floor showing her visibly upset that the U.S. voted to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missiles so it could defend itself from terrorist attacks.

Rapport burst out laughing at AOC crying: “F*** your tears. F*** the Squad. F*** Jamaal Bowman. F*** Ilhan Omar. F*** Rashida Tlaib. And f*** your whole f***in crew, you Jew-hating Israel anti-Zionist miserable motherf***ers.

WATCH [Warning: Strong Language]:

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