Victim's parents react to sentencing: "Now people's eyes are open"

Melvin Jenkins, the father of victim Michael Jenkins, called the sentencing of six officers who pleaded guilty to torturing and abusing his son and another Black man "a monumental day."

He said their son's story has inspired others to speak out against injustice.

"I know several people today who are afraid still to come out because of retaliation against them," he said Wednesday at a news conference. "I'd like to thank the judges, the lawyers and you people for making this nationwide."

Michael's mother, Mary Jenkins, called on people to speak out about the "Goon Squad" and their actions.

"Please don’t condone what they’re doing. Let them know you don’t want this Goon Squad representing them," she told CNN.

She said she is happy about the sentencing.

"I’m glad they got as much time as they did," she said. "This has never happened in Mississippi before and now people's eyes are open.

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