NAACP official wants DOJ to examine the Rankin County Sheriff's Department and "clean house"

The Rankin County NAACP president Angela English said the chapter has spoken to the Department of Justice about "a clean sweep" of the county's sheriff's department.

"This chapter of the book has been written, but the book is not finished," she said after the sentencing of six "Goon Squad" members for abusing and torturing two Black men.

"We have, in leadership, the sheriff who we consider the leader of the Goon Squad. So we are going to continue our fight to remove him from office. We have spoken with the Department of Justice. We have reiterated that we want a clean sweep. We want them to go throughout the Rankin County Sheriff's Department and we want them to clean house. We want them to go into the jails and reopen all of these cases that these lawless officers have created. The lives of these people who are still in jail have been ruined by this," he said.

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