Trump says criminal trial is having a 'reverse effect' during campaign stop at New York bodega

On Tuesday, after the second day of Trump's hush money trial ended, the former president made a campaign stop at an Upper Manhattan bodega, where he vowed to "straighten out New York."

Trump visited the bodega after spending hours in downtown New York City courtroom for the second day of his criminal trial stemming from charges brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The presumptive GOP presidential niminee declared his trial for alleged hush money payments is having a "reverse effect" as a large crowd chanted "Trump, Trump, Trump" and "Four more years." 

Trump blasted the trial and charges against him, saying it is "rigged," "all politics," and "coming out of the [Biden] White House." 

"It makes me campaign locally, and that's okay," Trump said. "We're doing better now than we've ever done, so I think it's having a reverse effect." 

"We're going to come in – Number one, you have to stop crime and we're going to let the police do their job. They have to be given back their authority. They have to be able to do their job," Trump said. "And we're going to come into New York. We're making a big play for New York, other cities, too. But this city, I love this city." 

Trump said New York has "gotten so bad in the last three years, four years." 

"And we're going to straighten New York out. So running for president, we're putting a big hit in New York – we could win New York," Trump said. 

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