Kevin O'Leary rips 'sheer stupidity' of Trump trial, says it hurts the 'American brand'

"Shark Tank" investor Kevin O'Leary slammed Trump's hush money trial in New York City, arguing the case is based on "sheer stupidity" and hurts the "American brand." 

O'Leary addressed his take on the validity of the criminal case during "Outnumbered" as jury selection continues. 

"I have a different take on this case. And I just want to preface my words saying before I comment, I've talked about these cases in New York now for months... Every time I bring this up, I get all this Trump stuff. Forget about Trump, okay? We don't do this in America, but we don't go after the office of the president with porn star cases. We give a broad swath of latitude. If you're an ex-president and you murdered somebody, I get it, or been accused of murder... But what is this? This hurts the American brand. I keep saying that," O'Leary said.

"I was in Geneva last week. 150 countries represented there. Everybody is talking about this saying, 'What is this porn star thing?' This is an American president. This is the office of the United States of America's highest office, and we're doing this? This is sheer stupidity," he continued. 

"And I'll tell you what should happen. This should be pushed until after he wins or doesn't win. This should not be part of this election cycle at all. And this is not a Trump-loving comment. This is about the American brand, where I bring capital from all around the world to invest here. We look like clowns. I hate this." 

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