FBI Director Wray says agency has seen increase in antisemitic threats and violence

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the bureau shares intelligence about certain threats of violence related to heated protests on college campuses. 

“Demonstrations themselves are not something that we, the FBI, get involved in,” Wray told NBC News in an interview that aired Tuesday. “But when violence ensues, that’s when we get concerned.” 

“Even before Oct.7, we saw a significant increase, especially in antisemitic threats and antisemitic violence,” he added. “And since Oct. 7, that number has gone up quite substantially.” 

Protests on college campuses began after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas but were revived last week after months of relative calm. 

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested at Columbia and New York universities and school administrators have been criticized for not doing more to keep Jewish students safe. 

Wray noted that the FBI doesn’t monitor protests, but does “share intelligence about specific threats of violence with campuses, with state and local law enforcement.” 

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