Columbia protests are 'writing on the wall,' about antisemitism on campuses: group founder says

The founder of a pro-Israel international campus movement is warning against history repeating itself as antisemitism continues to rage on university and college campuses across the country. 

Ilan Sinelnikov, the president and founder of Students Supporting Israel (SSI), a pro-Israel student movement, told Fox News Digital that history is repeating itself — pointing to the recent anti-Israel protests on Columbia University's campus in New York City.

"History at the end of the day repeats itself," he said. "What we have seen back in the 30s with the harassment and intimidation of Jewish people across Europe, back when Jewish students were not allowed to universities and people were creating human chains in order to block Jewish students from entry."

"Jewish students are being intimidated and harassed on college campuses. I was on a call with a Jewish student that goes to Columbia University, and she said, 'I can't wait to pack my bags and get on the first flight home. I don't want to be on this campus anymore.'"

"When you get to the point, when in our most prestigious universities, Jewish students don't feel safe to walk on those campuses because they're afraid of being harassed or afraid of being physically assaulted," said Sinelnikov. "When you see all of that, the similarities are frightening."

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