SPEAKS OUT Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith gives his verdict on Mother’s Day picture as he speaks out after CBB eviction

PRINCESS Kate's uncle Gary Goldsmith has given his verdict on the Wales' Mother's Day picture during a Good Morning Britain appearance.

The controversial businessman, 59, was the first to be booted from Celebrity Big Brother on Friday - where he briefly spoke about niece Kate's health battle and the feud with Harry and Meghan.

Gary spoke about Princess Kate's Mother's Day picture on Monday
Gary spoke about Princess Kate's Mother's Day picture on MondayCredit: Eroteme
The image which was put out by Kensington Palace on Sunday is claimed to have been digitally altered
The image which was put out by Kensington Palace on Sunday is claimed to have been digitally altered
Fans pointed out a number of 'editing fails' in the picture
Fans pointed out a number of 'editing fails' in the picture

On Monday, he was the first family member to address Kate's picture with her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis - pleading with the public to "leave it alone".

The image, which was put out by Kensington Palace on Sunday, is claimed to have been digitally altered.

GMB host Susanna Reid asked Gary: "Does anything about it strike you as odd?"

He simply replied: "The smiles on faces said it all for me, I thought it was beautiful.

"The family wouldn't be the ones to do any touch ups, so that's gone through some filter before it's gone out to the world.

"But they probably took it themselves. All I was looking at was the faces and smiles, and they just looked like a beautiful family, and it looked genuine, just a smiling family.

"This whole sleeve gate thing, just leave it alone."

The heartfelt image was the first time the Princess of Wales had spoken out since her abdominal surgery.

But the image sparked an online frenzy after royal fans claimed the picture was edited - before photo agencies ordered a "kill notice" on the pic.

The four large news agencies - AP, Getty Images, Reuters, AFP - all withdrew the pic over fears it had been 'edited at source'

Fans questioned why Kate wasn't wearing her wedding ring and noticed that her other hand was blurry.

Others said Charlotte's cardigan sleeve seemed to disappear and her skirt was fuzzy.

Fans also claimed there appeared to be an odd cut in the skirting board.

In a colour corrected and lightened version of the image, Kate's zip appears not to line up.

Kate had only been spotted once since her operation in January.

The mum-of-three was snapped in the passenger seat of a black Audi as mum Carole, 69, drove her near Windsor Castle.

Why were "kill notices

News agencies ordered a "kill notice" on the picture late Sunday night.

The removal orders were sent after "manipulation" on the image was discovered.

AP's order said the reason for killing the story was: "At closer inspection it appears that the source has manipulated the image."

The order then directs those who have used the photo to remove it from all platforms, including social.

Agence France-Press ordered the "mandatory kill" due to an "editorial issue" and directed that the image may no longer be used.

Reuters said the photo “has been withdrawn following a post publication review.” 

Getty Images said: “For editorial reasons, please remove the following image(s) from your system and do not use in any manner.” 

Getty said its picture desk "identified a problematic image" provided by the palace and removed it from its site "in accordance with our editorial policy."

Each of the news agencies have their own editorial guidelines which govern how they treat images.

AP says that pictures "must always tell the truth" and that it does not alter or manipulate the content of a photograph in any way.

Its guidelines say: "The content of a photograph must not be altered in PhotoShop or by any other means. No element should be digitally added to or subtracted from any photograph." 

However, AP says minor adjustments are allowed, they include cropping, colour adjustments, and light adjustments.

Gary, who is Carole's brother, entered the CBB gaff just hours after Kate's first public appearance.

While on the reality show, he discussed very little about Kate's health out of a "code of etiquette".

Gary said his goodbyes to CBB housemates after losing the public vote against Real Housewives star Lauren Simon, 48.

He was first spotted on Saturday just hours after his eviction.

An on Sunday night, his first TV appearance since his booting was on Late and Live.

He discussed how former housemate and Love Island winner Ekin-Su was "100 per cent" playing a game.

Reuters issued a kill notice after a 'publication review'

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