STAYING STRONG Terminally ill Jonnie Irwin sparks concern as he reveals he’s back in hospital and hasn’t slept for SIX nights

TERMINALLY ILL A Place In The Sun star star Jonnie Irwin has revealed he's back in hospital.

The TV presenter, 50, who is living with cancer, shared a picture on Instagram of himself in hospital scrubs ahead of an MRI scan.

Jonnie Irwin has had an exhausting week as he returns to hospital
Jonnie Irwin has had an exhausting week as he returns to hospitalCredit: instagram
The TV star has defied the odd since being diagnosed with terminal cancer
The TV star has defied the odd since being diagnosed with terminal cancerCredit: Rex

He explained: "This is look of a man who’s not slept for 6 nights and awaiting a full body MRI scan of at least an hour. If you haven’t had one they’re claustrophobic and claustrophobic and omit loud random noises. Joy.

"Take note on attempt of a jaunty not on my gown! I’m expecting to come out to news of India all out 195!"

His followers did their best to buoy his spirits, with one writing: "You’ve got this Jonnie."

Another posted: "Good luck, lovely Jonnie."

A third said: "All the positive thoughts in the world are coming your way."

Earlier this week Jonnie admitted that he has been embracing alternative options in order to allow him to feel "empowered" throughout his struggle with lung cancer.

Jane McLelland, the author behind How to Stave Cancer, has been giving Jonnie personal dietary advice in a bid to help aide him through his struggles.

Opening up on how positive Jane's help and advice had been, Jonnie said on her podcast: "I just think the work you’re doing is so important because if I just listened to the prognosis I’m perennially given, I’d be curling up in a ball and crying myself to death.

"But I feel much more empowered and much more educated. There is a sphere of help and the help from the NHS is a massive part of that sphere, but there’s also bits and bobs that I can do.

"Check this out - I’m in there at least an hour a day and I’ve got to go in there later [a hyperbaric oxygen chamber]."

As part of his new treatments, Jonnie said he was "doing Oxygen, vitamin C" in order to achieve enhanced benefits.

Podcast host Jane then interjected about the physical benefit of this practise: “Intravenous vitamin C so it bypasses the gut it doesn’t cause diarrhoea."

Insisting it had left him feeling "great", the Channel 4 star said: “I feel great after it. I feel great after hyperbaric - I feel great after vitamin C.

"These things, if I was fit and well, I’d be trying to use them anyway because I’m so much more open minded probably because I’ve got a gun to my head. And it’s a rich kaleidoscope of help that I’m pursuing and I will continue to do that."

Jane went on to reveal why she thought it was important to introduce alternative methods and remedies and how they can work alongside traditional NHS prescribed therapies.

She said: "You’ve got to look into alternatives and you’ve got to do your own research.

"There’s always a misconception that anybody who’s providing information for a different form of treatment is encouraging people to leave conventional treatment.

"I’m very much ‘let’s just merge everything together - cocktails, combinations as you’ve mentioned already.

"We need to find the right cocktails and combinations and that’s really lacking in our current approach."

In a huge boost, Jonnie admitted that he felt as though the new treatments had added "weeks and months" to her terminal prognosis and had given him physical relief from some of his previous symptoms.

He said to Jane: “At the very least you’re giving people hope and as a patient that can add weeks and months.

"A positive attitude buys you days and buys you weeks... I’ve been jaundiced, but I think I’m coming out of it now.”

Jonnie has defied the odds since he was given just six months to live after being told the cancer had spread to his brain in August 2020.

Since his diagnosis, the presenter has spoken about his wish to spend as much time with his family as possible. He shares three-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac with wife Jess as well as their five-year-old son, Rex.

Jonnie has been undergoing treatment to prolong his life, and he recently shared a few snaps of him living life to the fullest. 

This includes enjoying a drink in his local pub and taking Rex to their local panto, which was Pinocchio. It “had Rex in stitches,” he commented afterwards on social media.

Jonnie is bet known for fronting A Place In The Sun

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