No Labels calls on Justice Department to investigate 'intimidation' to keep group off ballots

Dr. Benjamin Chavis pushes back on criticism from left-wing groups like MoveOn

The No Labels national co-chairman spoke to Fox News on Thursday after calling on the Justice Department to investigate what he called intimidation tactics by state officials to keep the independent electoral group off the ballot.

Former NAACP executive director Benjamin Chavis, Jr. said the No Labels organization is being subjected to such tactics in a number of states, adding that his movement might not even put forward a candidate in the first place.

"No Labels is not going to be a spoiler for Donald Trump. No Labels is responding to the overwhelming majority of the American people who don't want to see a repeat of 2020," he said in response to criticism. Chavis later said the group will make a final ticket decision in March.

While Chavis called out Trump, the left-wing activist group MoveOn disparaged No Labels' ability thus far to gain ballot access, and claimed on X, formerly Twitter, that it is trying to cause as much "chaos" as possible to get the Republican back into office.


No Labels holds a news conference in DC

No Labels leadership and guests from left, Pat McCrory, Co-Executive Director, Margaret White, Dan Webb, National Co-Chair, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis and former Senator Joe Lieberman, speak about the 2024 election at National Press Club, in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024.  (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

"Well, MoveOn is not accurate. They're off-base," Chavis said on "The Story." 

"We are clear of our intentions, and our intention is to work with Democrats, independents, Republicans — everybody… "

He said his group has gotten ballot access in 14 states including North Carolina, and that the intention is to have a ticket put forward that is viable and features a Republican and Democrat running together.

Chavis declined to elaborate on what candidates he or his group, whose founding chairman is former Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., wants to specifically put forward. 

When asked by anchor Martha MacCallum about anti-Trump Republican Chris Christie, Chavis said the former New Jersey governor is not at the top of the list.

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West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has also been viewed as a potential candidate on a No Labels or independent ticket, as he recently said he loves America "too much to vote for Donald Trump."

One No Labels leader recently left his position with the group, however, to endorse Nikki Haley in the Republican sweeps.

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a staunch Trump critic, said he did not mean to create rumors he was launching his own presidential bid when he left No Labels, but instead said Sunday he wants to see the "strongest possible Republican" nominated. 

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As for the group's entreaties to the Justice Department, Chavis told Fox News he is hoping for a proper investigation, saying the DOJ is the correct agency to make the case to.

"We presented the evidence and the facts. Now it's up to them to investigate," he said.

In separate remarks in Washington this week, Chavis elaborated that "the alleged conspiracy to stop No Labels is a brazen voter suppression effort. Based on the evidence that we have submitted to the United States Department of Justice, if individuals were working to frighten and harass an organization seeking to register disenfranchised voters, the country would be outraged and those individuals would likely be prosecuted." 

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