Charlamagne Tha God says 'nobody wanna party with Joe Biden': He's 'never been a good candidate... ever'

The radio host says if it wasn't for COVID, the George Floyd riots, Trump would've been re-elected in 2020

Multimedia mogul Charlamagne Tha God asserted that President Biden's dismal polling is due to how he's "never been a good candidate" and was only elected in the first place because a "series of unfortunate events" had prevented former President Trump from being re-elected.  

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the "Breakfast Club" co-host reiterated his fear that Trump being back in the White House would bring the "end of democracy," which he says is why he's been so outspoken against Biden's candidacy and what he says is poor messaging coming from him and his administration. 

"Their messaging sucks. Even though they have accomplished some good things while they've been in the White House, nobody knows that," Charlamagne said. "Like, you saw the article where they said Barack Obama went to have lunch with Joe Biden and put a fire under Joe Biden's a-- about the campaign. And, you know, you hear my OG Jim Clyburn from South Carolina saying he's concerned about Black voters in 2024. And the first thing Joe Biden goes to do, he goes to my hometown, Charleston, South Carolina, my birthplace, and he goes to the Black church, and then he goes to a soul food spot. They've been doing that same s--- for years. Like, they've been doing the same old stuff for years."

"Democrats shouldn't just be concerned about the Black vote, because when you look at the polls, he's losing with Black voters, he's losing with Latinos, he's losing with independents, he's losing with the youth vote," he continued. "It's like - damn! Do y'all want to win or not? Because right now they don't look like a winning ticket." 


Charlamagne Tha God at event

Charlamagne Tha God blasted President Biden and his administration for their poor messaging as polls show him losing to former President Trump.  (Derek White/Getty Images)

When asked why polls show Biden losing support among those voters, Charlamagne replied, "Because he sucks as a candidate."

"Why are we acting like President Biden has ever been like a great presidential candidate?" Charlamagne exclaimed. "I mean, the guy's ran quite a few times before and, you know, didn't even get close. Like, if it wasn't for a series of unfortunate circumstances in 2020, COVID in particular, the murder of George Floyd, like, you know, people being in the streets protesting, rioting. And I think that there probably would have been a different outcome in 2020. So he's just never been a good candidate, ever, like in the history of life! Just look at the record of the times he ran before. I just don't think- he's not a good messenger in any way, shape or form. I just don't think he inspires people. These candidates have to inspire you."


"I used to promote parties, man. And when I used to promote parties, people didn't just come to your party. You had to go out there and, you know, promote, and you had to offer people things, whether it was free drinks before 11 or ladies in free before 11, like, you had to actually offer people things in order to get them energized to want to come out to your party. Nobody wanna party with Joe Biden!" Charlamagne chuckled. 

"Like I said, it'd have to be a series of unfortunate events, you know, life-changing, tragic events that make you say, 'Alright, I'm gonna go to his function.' He's just not inspiring in any way, shape or form. Maybe he need[s] to find a little bit of that Obama, Bill Clinton energy to inspire people because, yeah, he ain't it."

President Joe Biden

Charlamagne tha God suggested President Biden has bene plagued with dismal polling because "nobody wanna party" with him. (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Charlamagne stressed that the biggest issue presidential candidates should be campaigning on is "upward mobility," asking the 2024 hopefuls, "How are you going to put money in people's pockets?" 

He said he hears from callers "every single day" talking about their financial struggles. 

"How can I keep food on the table? How can I keep a roof over my head? We talk about affordable health care, right?… You need money to even be able to afford affordable health care. So, I mean, that's what everybody needs to be focused on. How can you put money in people's pockets because that, you know, gives people a sense of security all across the board," Charlamagne said. 


He recalled the stimulus checks that were sent out to Americans during the COVID pandemic but said people only remember Trump doing it because of the way he marketed himself at the time, despite the fact that Biden sent out stimulus checks as well.

"Donald Trump put his name on those first two rounds of stimulus checks. There's people right now talking about that $1,200 that they received. And even though Joe Biden- he put out a round of stimulus checks, too- people don't even remember that because- hey man, let's face it, he's just not as good at marketing, and he's just not as good at messaging as Donald Trump is," Charlamagne said. 

"That's probably because Donald Trump was never a career politician. Donald Trump was a celebrity. So Donald Trump knows how to, you know, keep the attention on himself. He knows how to take credit for things, even if he… probably shouldn't get sole credit because, you know, you gotta give Congress credit, but then the president does sign it into law. But that was just effective because he put money in people's pockets. People will never forget when you put money in their pockets. That is what the candidates should be focusing on." 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Charlamagne Tha God told Fox News Digital that former President Trump was good at "marketing" himself when he put his name on the COVID stimulus checks, something he said Americans don't remember President Biden doing. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In addition to being a giant on the radio, Charlamagne is expanding his footprint in the world of podcasts. Following the 2020 launch of his Black Effect podcasts, he recently kickstarted the politics-centric Reasoned Choice Media Podcast Network, which he vowed will be a platform that welcomes all viewpoints. 

"Don't think that this is a platform that is going to be another liberal echo chamber," Charlamagne told Fox News Digital. "We're gonna have hosts that are conservative. And we're just going to hope that some real dialogue can start happening in this country. We need both sides telling their truths. And people, us, should be able to hear from both sides and make a choice on who they want to support."

Reason Choice Media's first podcast, Native Land Pod, co-hosted by former CNN contributor Angela Rye, former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, and former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, has already made headlines with Rye accusing her former CNN colleague Chris Cuomo of calling her "tinsel crotch."

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