PM Netanyahu blasts women's rights organizations for silence on Hamas: 'Where the hell are you?'

Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu issued a blistering critique of women's rights organizations on Tuesday, accusing them of ignoring sex crimes committed by Hamas terrorists.

During a presser, Netanyahu referenced the "sexual torture" and "unbelievable rapes" that officials have determined Hamas terrorists perpetrated against Israeli women.

"I didn’t hear the civil rights organizations, people in the UN, I didn’t hear the outcry, where are you?" Netanyahu said in Hebrew. "You were quiet because we’re talking about Jewish women?

"I have to say this, in a language that everyone understands," he continued before switching to English.

"I say to the women’s rights organizations to the human rights organizations, you’ve heard of the rape of Israeli women, horrible atrocities, sexual mutilation - where the hell are you?" the prime minister added. "I expect all civilized leaders, governments, nations to speak up against this atrocity."

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