Israel-Hamas war: IDF spokesperson calls Hamas' fortifications 'unprecedented'

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said in a briefing on Tuesday that the Israeli military is continuing to target Hamas terrorists in underground tunnels, which he called "unprecedented."

"So far, we have located over 800 tunnel shafts and destroyed 500 of these," Hecht explained. "The level of fortification is unprecedented."

"While we've been operating, we are ensuring that there is minimum harm to civilians with soldiers on the ground going from building to building," the spokesman added.

Hecht added that he spent the last two days in a "harm mitigation cell" and described what he learned.

"We've been making a game with everything we have in our capabilities, every effort we can to facilitate the movement of civilians in the south in order to mitigate civilian casualties," he added. "Our best efforts and minds are focused on understanding the human terrain in Gaza."

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