CHRISTMAS HORROR Mum and her four children including baby ‘murdered’ on Christmas Day as cops arrest dad in Paris

A MUM and her four young children, including a nine-month old baby, were found dead on Christmas Day in an apartment near Paris.

Cops have arrested the dad who was thought to be "on the run" as part of a murder probe.

Police (pictured outside the flat) arrested the dad on Boxing Day

The murdered family were found at their home on Christmas Day

The family were discovered around 9pm on Monday

The family were found stabbed in the suburban town of Meaux, 25 miles from the French capital on Monday at around 9pm.

The youngest child was just nine months and the eldest was ten years old.

Their flat showed no signs of a break in and the dad was not there when the victims were found.

He is already known to police in the area, according to local media reports.

Early reports said he had fled following the murders, but cops have since arrested him according to a police source.

He was reportedly arrested in the town of Sevran, fairly close to the crime scene.

In a press conference today French police said the dad had attacked his wife with a knife in 2019.

The police source said "The flat showed no sign of breaking and entering, and the father was absent."

Local prosecutor Jean-Baptiste Bladier confirmed that a murder enquiry was opened after the five bodies were found lying in their family home.

Their cause of their death is currently unknown as investigations into a "premeditated murder" are ongoing.

Cops are due to provide more information later today.

According to French outlet actu17, they lived near the Square Adam-de-la-Halle in Meaux.

Local media said on Tuesday morning that the bodies of the family were still inside the flat.

At least a dozen police officers were reportedly on site both inside and around the building on Tuesday morning.

French police speak to a woman outside the flat on Boxing Day

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