WATCH: College Football Player Suspended After Appearing To Stomp On Player’s Head

Louisiana Tech announced on Saturday that the program is suspending a player who appeared to stomp on the head of an opposing player during a game on Friday night.

Brevin Randle, a 6-foot 230-pound linebacker, was suspended by the school for his actions during the second quarter of the team’s matchup against the University of Texas at El Paso.

Louisiana Tech athletic director Eric Wood said in a statement, “Coach Cumbie and I met with Brevin Randle today and informed him that he has been suspended indefinitely as a result of the incident during last night’s game versus UTEP.”

“In speaking with Brevin, he acknowledges that his action was wrong and understands the consequence of that action,” the statement continued. “Our university, athletic department, and football program believe in culture, class, and competitive excellence and in no way was that displayed in that moment.”

Sports Illustrated noted that Randle pushed UTEP offensive lineman Steven Hubbard into the turf after a play and that while he was on the ground he “stepped on the player’s head and neck area with his right foot.”

Officials appear to have missed seeing the incident as no penalty flags were thrown.

Louisiana Tech beat UTEP by two touchdowns, 24-10.

The incident sparked widespread condemnation online.

“This is disgusting – Louisiana Tech LB Brevin Randle deliberately stomped over a defenseless player’s head,” football analyst Dov Kleiman wrote on X. “Somehow this wasn’t flagged but he should be suspended immediately.”

Some called for Randle to be banned from playing football for the rest of his life.


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