Hunter Biden’s Daughter Lived In White House Near The Time When She Represented Foreign Nation: Report

The daughter of scandal-plagued Hunter Biden reportedly lived in the White House near the time that she represented a foreign nation.

The New York Post reported that 29-year-old Naomi Biden was a “lawyer on behalf of the government of Peru around the same time she was living at the White House” with her grandfather, President Joe Biden.

According to the Post, Naomi Biden began working for Arnold & Porter around the time that Joe Biden was sworn into office and, in September of 2021, she “appeared in a filing disclosing that she was providing legal representation for the government of Peru in a case brought by Worth Capital Holdings 27 LLC, which claimed the country was interfering in their operation of an oil refinery in the southern Amazon.”

The company sought over half a billion dollars in damages.

Naomi Biden lived at the White House from August 2022 to March 2023, the report said. She married attorney Peter Neal in November 2022.

The Post noted that a representative for Naomi Biden claimed that she only worked on the case in September 2021.

“Naomi Biden’s international arbitration work doesn’t include matters involving the United States government — she is a junior lawyer and a member of international arbitration teams involving private sector plaintiffs,” a spokesman for Arnold & Porter told the Post. “She doesn’t discuss confidential client work with anyone inside or outside the White House.”

The report noted that the company appears to have undergone great lengths to shield Naomi Biden, whose title is “international arbitration associate,” from the public eye as she does not have a public website page like the other lawyers at the firm do.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) responded to the story, “Everywhere we look it seems there are major conflicts of interest in which the Biden family leveraged their name, access, and patriarch’s power to benefit personal business dealings.”

“All of this must continue to be investigated and exposed – perhaps Biden’s granddaughter should be the next person to come before the Oversight Committee,” she added.

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