'THEY CHANGED' I helped launch Captain Tom’s charity appeal – now I’ve been cut out by his family and told I can’t speak about my role

Daisy Souster, 31, posted a lengthy statement about her alleged experience with the family

A WOMAN who helped launch Captain Tom's charity appeal claims she has now been cut out by his family.

Daisy Souster, 31, said she wrote the press release announcing Captain Tom's fundraising walk - and launched his JustGiving pages.

Captain Tom before his death

Daisy Souster says she was 'cut out' by his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore (pictured)

But she said Captain Tom's daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore told her she had "no right" to talk about her job.

D-Day veteran Captain Tom raised more than £38million for NHS charities in April 2020 by walking 100 laps of his garden in Bedfordshire before his 100th birthday.

He later released an autobiography, Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day, crediting his daughter Hannah for the press release and JustGiving page.

Posting on LinkedIn, Daisy said: "It was such a special time but I had to cut ties with the family when they cut me out and told me I was no longer able to talk about the work I had done.

"I would like to make it very clear that initially the family were extremely supportive of me and thankful for all that I had done.

"But for reasons unknown to me, they changed.

"I had been contacted by a national PR awards organiser and was told they would like to put me forward for five awards.

"I told the family immediately and the family told me to go for it and would be on my table cheering me on.

"A week later I was told by Hannah Ingram-Moore that I had no right to talk about my work/involvement with the PR, even though a week before they said I should go for the PR awards for launching that first news story."

Daisy added: "I severed ties with the family after this. This change in attitude towards me caused me untold distress as I started to see my work accreditation taken away from me.

"Captain Tom was a true beacon of hope during those dark times for all of us.

"It deeply saddens me that after such success the debacle unfolding is shadowing his sterling efforts."

Haymarket PR, which ran the awards, said: "In 2020, Hannah Ingram-Moore stated to PRWeek that The Captain Tom Family and its representatives do not give permission for anyone to enter Captain Sir Tom to the PRWeek Awards.

"Consequently, any submissions entered for Capt Sir Tom were removed."

Hannah Ingram-Moore has been contacted for comment.

Hannah pictured outside Central Bedfordshire Council's offices last week

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