HIGH TIDE Our seaside town is turning ‘nasty’ after £5m cocaine hauls discovered…we have to dodge armed cops on our dog walks

LOCALS in a seaside town say it's turning "nasty" after cocaine hauls worth £5million started washing up on the beach.

Furious homeowners around Sussex and Hampshire say they're having to dodge armed cops when out walking their dogs as packages of the Class A drug are found on the sands daily.

Locals in a seaside town say it's being ruined by bags of cocaine washing up on the beach

The hard drugs are continuing to wash up on the shores with cops and coast guards trying to dispose of them

So far, a street value of around £5million has been recovered

Pensioners are shocked that their home town is now a hotspot for drug smuggling

Cops have seized around 100kg in waterproof packages

The hard drugs are continuing to wash up on the shores with cops and coast guards seizing 100kg packed into waterproof bricks.

So far, a street value of around £5million has been recovered with astonished locals struggling to come to terms with the fact their retirement town is now a hotbed for drug smuggling.

Former engineer Steve Pritchard, 71, took his dog out on Goring Beach, Worthing, where armed officers were guarding 30kg of the drug brought in by the morning tide.

He told The Sun Online: "It's probably come off a freighter in the Channel.

"Lots more people have been on the beach walking their dogs since the first reports of packages.

"But you get all sorts of stuff washing up along here. Somebody must be pushing it overboard.

"Somebody is in trouble."

Angel Jameson, 80, who lives in nearby Goring, said the danger it poses to dogs and youngsters is the scariest thing.

She said: "I'm really shocked that it has happened here.

"A dog could've found one and ripped it open. What if a kiddie got hold of one?

"There are a lot of older people living here and we're not used to this kind of thing."

Brian Parker, 86, said: "Nothing surprises me any more.

"I'm Brighton born and bred but we come here because we like the countryside.

"It has turned in to a nasty world and where there is money, there are people after it.

"We never had anything like this when I was young."

Locals have seen officers on multiple occasions guarding drugs that have washed up

Police were called to Goring on Monday morning following reports of suspected drugs

Police were called to Goring on Monday morning following reports of suspected drugs washing up at the beach.

The packages will be taken for forensic testing along with the substances which were found in Selsey on October 19, Middleton and Felpham on October 13 and Ferring on October 12.

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