Alan said his family has "genuine fear" Allitt could "walk into our lives one day" and wishes she could spend the rest of her life behind bars.

 DRAMATIC footage shows the moment ANOTHER huge brawl broke out at an NFL match after a woman shouted in a man's face before slapping him.

Chaos erupted in the stands at the Steelers' pre-season game against the Detroit Lions in Pittsburgh after being sparked by what appeared to be a row between two fans.

Shocking footage shows a woman slap a man across the face during the Steelers pre-season game
Shocking footage shows a woman slap a man across the face during the Steelers pre-season gameCredit: Twitter/Jimmy Brooks
A brawl erupted, and one man appeared to get knocked out
A brawl erupted, and one man appeared to get knocked outCredit: Twitter/Jimmy Brooks

Shocking video from Heinz Field yesterday shows a woman screaming "get the f*** out" at a man before she raises her hand and hits him across the face.

He then retaliates as another man - who appears to be with the woman - intervenes.

A scuffle then breaks out between the trio - with the man slapped by the woman appearing to knock the other bloke out as he throws several punches at him.

People can be heard screaming in horror as the woman tries to push the man away from her pal.

Other people then get involved in an attempt to put a stop to the fight.

"She smacked him, she smacked him in his face," one person can be heard saying."She hit him first," another chimed in.

It's unclear what started the row - but the Steelers ended up beating the Lions 26-20 in the pre-season game.

This fight comes after an NFL fan took a savage beating during a pre-season game between the LA Rams and LA Chargers just last week.

Three man unleashed a barrage of punches when a fight erupted after a woman threw a beer during a furious exchange of words.

Footage filmed inside the So-Fi stadium in California showed the fans of opposing teams yelling at each other before things turned violent.

Meanwhile, it's been reported former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was kicked out of Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice.

Brown allegedly had a brawl with Titans cornerback Chris Jackson during a one-on-one drill at a joint practice this week.

It's believed Brown reportedly ripped Jackson's helmet off and as a result was removed from the field.

Brown signed a new one-year deal with the Bucs worth $6.25 million, with $3.1 million guaranteed.

To date, Brown has already raked in around £56m in career earnings.

The Tampa Bay Times reports: "Bucs Antonio Brown was thrown out of practice following a one on one drill with Titans CB Chris Jackson.

"Brown ripped off Jackson’s helmet."

It's not clear what started the row
It's not clear what started the rowCredit: Twitter/Jimmy Brooks
Shocking moment NFL fan takes savage beating from three men in stands and is left covered in blood at pre-season game

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