Live updates: Trump poses for photos at church after police force out protesters; demonstrations intensify overnight

President Trump on Monday threatened to deploy federal troops if state and city leaders do not act to quell acts of violence and looting amid protests over the killing of George Floyd. After federal authorities used rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas to clear peaceful protesters from around the White House, Trump walked across Lafayette Square to St. John’s Church and posed for photos while holding up a Bible.
The president’s vow came as protesters intensified their demonstrations in Washington and other cities such as New York, St. Louis and Chicago, leading to more looting and incidents between police and the public. The response unfolded hours after George Floyd’s death was ruled a homicide by Minnesota’s Hennepin County medical examiner.
Here are some significant developments:
  • The Right Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, said she learned of Trump’s visit to St. John’s by watching it on the news. “I am outraged,” she said. “I don’t want President Trump speaking for St. John’s.”
  • Congressional Democrats denounced Trump’s threat to deploy the military domestically as the behavior of a would-be authoritarian leader. The denunciation was echoed by both the American Civil Liberties Union and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who condemned the president’s pledge as “a failure of presidential leadership.”
  • Los Angeles Police Chief Michel R. Moore walked back comments he made Monday regarding how those who have participated in looting and vandalism amid recent protests bear just as much responsibility for George Floyd’s death as the police officers who had the man in custody.
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons has instituted a “temporary national lockdown” in response to the protests raging across the United States, putting further limitations on inmate movements behind bars, a spokeswoman said.
  • A black sedan sped through an intersection in the Bronx early Tuesday and slammed into a New York City police officer standing in the road, leaving him with serious injuries, authorities said. In Buffalo, two police officers were hit by a car during a violent confrontation between authorities and protesters outside a police station on Monday night.

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