Madeleine McCann parents 'still haunted' as they spend 13th anniversary in lockdown

Supporters of Kate and Gerry McCann were due to join the couple for a prayer gathering today - 13 years to the day since Madeleine was last seen in a holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz.
The physical coming together has been replaced by a virtual gathering due to coronavirus social distancing measures.
Ahead of the significant day, Kate and Gerry said they were thinking of those suffering in lockdown at the moment.
They wrote on the Find Maddie website: "There will be many vulnerable people whose situation will have become even more precarious in the current lockdown conditions, with fear, worry and isolation - emotions that we dreaded Madeleine experiencing and which haunted us for a long time - and still do on occasions.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with all those suffering at this time."
The couple also took a moment to reflect on how Madeleine's 17th birthday is coming up.
"Her 17th birthday is to follow in the next couple of weeks - the latter tangibly, painfully, bringing it home to us what we have missed and continue to miss as a family," they continued.
“I don't think any of us could have predicted the situation we all find ourselves in currently.
Kate and Gerry McCann will mark the day she went missing
"The investigation to find Madeleine remains open and continues, even though, in a way different to the ideal," they wrote.
"We remain grateful for the ongoing efforts and commitment from all those involved in the search to find her and we hope and pray, as always, that our efforts will be fruitful.
"Thank you to everyone still offering their support and good wishes for Madeleine and ourselves.
"Such solidarity continues to strengthen us. Thank you.
"Please take care and please spare a thought or prayer for Madeleine and all missing children this weekend.

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