Boston shutdown protesters to governor, mayor: 'We’re tired of your BS. We’re tired of your lies. We’re tired of you acting like wanna-be dictators.'

'We don't want your shutdown anymore!'
A crowd of angry protesters gathered outside the Massachusetts State House demanding that all businesses be allowed to reopen amid the coronavirus shutdown that's sent tens of millions into unemployment lines across the country, WBZ-TV reported.

Who said what?

"We don't want your shutdown anymore!" conservative radio host Jeff Kuhner hollered into a microphone during Monday's demonstration.

The station said Kuhner helped organize the rally, which drew hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump.
Matt Stout, state house reporter for the Boston Globe, noted another exclamation from the protest directed at Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh: "We're tired of your BS. We're tired of your lies. We're tired of you acting like wanna-be dictators"
"Freedom" and "USA" chants erupted through the crowd, WBZ said
"The only thing that Baker is doing by keeping the businesses from opening is causing more people to become victims by losing their jobs, losing their businesses," attendee Louis Murray told the station. "If you want to wear a mask, you can wear a mask. We're Americans, we're individualists."

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