Ted Cruz Explains Importance Of SCOTUS Overturning Chevron Decision

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) praised the U.S. Supreme Court this week for overturning the Chevron decision late last week, saying that the ruling would play a major role in dismantling the administrative state.

Cruz made the remarks during the most recent episode of his “Verdict” podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson while talking about the Supreme Court’s 6-3 vote to overturn the 1984 ruling in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council.

“The Chevron decision created something that is called ‘Chevron Deference.’ Now what is Chevron Deference? It was a doctrine that said the courts will defer to federal agencies on rules and regulations so long as that rule and regulation is, quote, ‘reasonable,'” Cruz said. “What it did is it gave enormous powers to un-elected bureaucrats and Chevron, you can trace in a very direct line, the rise of the administrative state, the rise of unelected bureaucrats issuing rules that are incredibly costly to the American people, incredibly harmful to the American people, you can trace that rise to the Chevron Doctrine.”

Cruz explained that the courts would refer to the ruling in handing unelected bureaucrats enormous amounts of power to regulate Americans’ lives.

“And so, the court last week overruled Chevron, what that means now, is that it is Congress, it’s the elected members of Congress that have to make policy decisions that impact the American people, not the armies of bureaucrats who have no democratic accountability,” he said. “The result today is there is more power in the elected members of Congress. And the reason that matters because where power resides, you want it to reside where there’s accountability.

Cruz added that Democrats and the media were “horrified” by the ruling because it protected the Constitution and was pro-democracy.

“Even though Democrats in the corporate media love talking about how much they want to defend democracy, they are horrified whenever the voters actually get to decide,” he said. “They want unelected judges, deciding so long as they agree with what the judges are deciding, and they want unelected bureaucrats deciding and they know they’re gonna agree with that, because the bureaucrats are overwhelmingly left-wing and disconnected from the harms that their rules and regulations are causing.”

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