Shannon Bream: Biden 'has a different perception' than what a lot of us are hearing

Fox News Chief Legal Correspondent Shannon Bream noted that ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos pressed President Biden hard on several uncomfortable questions in a make or break interview on Friday.

"He said a number of times, are you sure you're being honest with yourself about your ability to beat President Trump? Are you sure you're being honest with yourself about the stamina you need for another four years of this? And when President Biden would say, 'yes, of course I'm going to beat him, I feel good about it,' he would, he repeatedly came back to him with poll numbers, with all kinds of battleground swing states with approval ratings and said, 'are you being honest with yourself?'" Bream said on "Jesse Watters Primetime." 

"The president kept saying, 'we don't believe those polls. They don't match up with our polls.' But it was really uncomfortable at points and stuff. Stephanopoulos did press him on a lot of really uncomfortable questions." 

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