Senate Dems to discuss Biden’s candidacy at caucus meeting amid growing concerns

President Biden and his status at the top of the Democrat ticket in November are expected to be discussed by Democrat senators on Tuesday during a weekly caucus meeting as concerns continue to emerge among the party members.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., had been trying to gather a group of Democrat senators to meet on Monday to discuss a path forward amid the fallout of Biden's debate against former President Trump, a source familiar told Fox News Digital.

However, the meeting the Virginia senator was trying to plan is no longer being sought. The details of the potential meeting hadn't yet been confirmed when reports of it emerged. Because of the leaks, the Democrats opted not to hold a separate meeting to talk about the president.

Instead, the caucus will talk about the dilemma during their already scheduled policy lunch on Tuesday.

"With so much at stake in the upcoming election, now is the time for conversations about the strongest path forward," Warner said in a statement Monday afternoon. "As these conversations continue, I believe it is incumbent upon the President to more aggressively make his case to the American people, and to hear directly from a broader group of voices about how to best prevent Trump’s lawlessness from returning to the White House."

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