Radio personality who interviewed Biden says aides provided questions in advance

Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the radio personality who interviewed President Joe Biden Wednesday, told CNN’s Victor Blackwell on Saturday that the White House had sent her questions in advance “for approval”

Blackwell pointed out that both Lawful-Sanders and Earl Ingram, another radio host who interviewed the president recently, asked Biden “essentially the same questions.”

“If the White House is trying now to prove the vim, vigor, acuity of the president, I don’t know how they do that by sending questions first, before the interviews, so that the president knows what’s coming,” Blackwell said.

Biden made some notable fumbles in his interview with Lawful-Sanders, including referring to himself as “the first Black woman to serve with a Black president” when asked about his accomplishments as president.

This all comes as the president’s mental acuity has been under scrutiny following his lackluster debate performance.

In his interview with Ingram, Biden said that he “screwed up” during last week’s CNN presidential debate and conceded that he “made a mistake.” 

CNN has reached out to the White House and the Biden campaign for comment.

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