New York lieutenant governor calls for Biden to step aside

\New York Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado on Wednesday called for President Joe Biden to step aside in favor of a “nominee capable of reinvigorating and re-energizing Americans who are determined to protect our democracy.”

“Sustaining our collective belief in democracy and trust in our democratic institutions requires those of us in elected office to be straight with the American people,” Delgado said in a statement. “Dismissing these voices out of hand is misguided and dangerous.”

Delgado’s announcement was a rare, stunning departure from other New York Democratic leaders, most notably New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who has been one of Biden’s most vocal supporters in the aftermath of his debate fiasco. 

In response to Delgado’s call, Hochul’s office reiterated her position.

“While Lieutenant Governor Delgado has the right to voice his opinion, Governor Hochul believes Democrats must come together, move forward as a united party, and focus on defeating Donald Trump in November,” spokeswoman Jen Goodman said. “Every day we spend worrying is time away from working toward that goal.”

Delgado’s move was also surprising because of his previous relationship with Biden, who campaigned for him during Delgado’s successful 2018 House run.

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