New York Gov. Kathy Hochul doubles down on support for Biden

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is doubling down on her support for President Biden as more of her fellow Democrats are publicly and privately calling on him to step down after his botched debate performance.

The Democratic governor told MSNBC Sunday: “We have the best candidate running right now, and that is President Biden.”

She added that, “One bad night does not affect three and a half years of stellar accomplishment, and I’m really excited about the next four years ahead.”

Hochul is expected to meet with the president and other Democratic governors at the White House later Wednesday.

The governors will share feedback from voters in their state and discuss the Biden campaigns plans through November.

Hochul has dismissed rumors that she is vying for a job in a potential second administration for the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, a recent Siena College poll showed the Democratic governor hitting her lowest favorability and job approval so far. The poll, released late last month, showed the governor’s favorability rating at 38-49% and her job approval rating at 44-50%.

Biden showed similarly dismal approval figures in New York, with a favorability among New York voters at 42-53% and an overall approval rating at 45-53%. 

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