MID-AIR STRIKE Horror as British Airways plane is struck by LIGHTNING on way into Heathrow Airport forcing urgent diversion

A British Airways plane has been struck by LIGHTNING on its way into Heathrow Airport - forcing an urgent diversion.

The BA flight from Stuttgart to Heathrow was forced to divert to Gatwick after it was struck by a lightning bolt

Footage shows the lightning strike
Footage shows the lightning strikeCredit: X/@mrs_jebu

Passenger Jeco said: "The BA crew were amazing when our flight got struck by lightning on the approach to Heathrow.

"It was shocking. The flight had to divert to Gatwick."

The diverted flight just under an hour late at Gatwick at 2.24pm this afternoon.

Passengers were driven from Gatwick to Heathrow after disembarking.A Flightaware map shows how the plane charted a smooth course before suddenly circling and zigzagging away from Heathrow.

British Airways said: "BA919 diverted to Gatwick earlier this afternoon due to weather related conditions in the region.

"The flight landed just before 2pm. Customers were driven from Gatwick to Heathrow."

A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport said the incident was a matter for BA.Lightning strikes on airborne flights are very common and almost always harmless.Most planes are hit by a bolt once or twice a year, according to experts.

This is because planes are very good conductors which act as lightning rods.

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