Kirby confident in Biden’s ability to defend the nation amid concerns over his health

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby expressed confidence in President Joe Biden’s abilities amid continued questions around the president’s health and said that he is confident in Biden’s ability to protect the nation. 

“If I felt that there was something amiss and there was a real issue here with the ability of the commander-in-chief to protect our national security interests, of course, that would be of concern to me. And I would do the appropriate thing. But I haven’t seen that. That hasn’t been my experience. And the national security team is proud to be standing behind this president as he defends our interests around the world,” Kirby said on Fox News Wednesday. 

When pressed about recent concerns from donors, including megadonor George Clooney just this morning, Kirby said that the president has been clear he intends to stay in the race. 

When asked by Fox whether he had experienced any of the lapses or frailties that have been pointed out by others, Kirby reiterated that those don’t represent his personal experience.  

“From my experience over the last two-and-a-half years — those representations that you’re talking about are not indicative of the man that I have spent time with and that I have briefed, and that I have travelled with. They’re not indicative of my own personal experiences,” he said, adding later: “He is in every meeting, asking the tough questions, asked me questions yesterday I couldn’t answer and had to go back and do the homework assignment for him. He’s also challenging his team to do more, to think more broadly,” Kirby said. 

And ahead of what is expected to be a critical news conference for Biden on Thursday, Kirby said that it conference will be “substantial” when asked how long he expected it to last. 

“I can’t give you a time certain but it will be a substantial press conference with multiple reporters and him by himself calling on them,” he said. 

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